Retac Shooting Sports is Arizona's AR-15 Headquarters! 

Whether it's that new gun you've been searching for, ammo to keep your old ones going Retac Shooting Sports has got you covered. 

AZ CCW Permit Classes

Our veteran certified firearms instructors teach you everything you need to know about concealed carry in Arizona. With classes offered on weekday evenings and on weekends, you'll always be able to find a class that works with your busy schedule.

NFA Markings and Laser Engraving Services

Retac uses the latest laser engraving technology to exceed the ATF requirements for firearm engravings. Same or next day service in most cases.

We offer custom laser engraving and custom design services on a case by case basis. From surface marking to deep engraving, we can get you taken care of.

Custom Optic Slide Cuts

For many pistols there is no way to mount a red dot sight on the factory slide. We offer precision optic slide cuts for most common pistols.

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